BT 4600 Trio Big Button Digital Cordless Telephone With Advanced Call Blocker (Renewed)

BTSKU: BT/4600/3/A - 084668


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Renewed to an 'As New' condition, fully tested and restored to factory settings by our in-house technicians. All renewed products come with a one year warranty from GreenBox Shop.

BT 4600 Trio Big Button Digital Cordless Telephone

BT Inclusion - Best for the Elderly or Disabled

This phone is one of BTs inclusion range of telephones, there are a few features which can help any elderly or disabled users, disabilities could involve anything such as difficulty with your hands, hard of hearing, or issues with your vision, this phone helps to alleviate difficulties for anyone that has these:

  • Big Buttons - Easier to press and read on the handset
  • Big Screen Text - Easy to see text on a simple background with big clear letters and numbers
  • Amplify Button - To increase the volume of the earpiece for the hard of hearing
  • Inductive Couplar - To allow use of the phone if the user is wearing hearing aids

BT Premium Call Blocking - Block 100% of Nuisance Calls

The BT 4600 features the top of the range Premium Call Blocking technology. This amazing technology offers users complete control over which calls they want to take and those they wish to block. You can block up to 1000 individual numbers, or block calls by their type, such as witheld, international or even payphones. So long as you add your contacts to your phone, they can bypass the call blocking, so you don't miss them all important calls from friends or relatives.

  • Block up to 1000 individual numbers
  • Block all calls that are Witheld or International
  • Numbers on your contact list get through the guardian
  • Numbers you have blocked are rejected
  • For unknown callers, the Virtual Assistant can ask the caller to say their name and then asks the user whether they want to accept or block the call without speaking to the caller
  • Incorporates award winning trueCall call blocking technology

BT One Touch Call Blocking Button

On the handsets of the BT 4600 is a One Touch Call Blocking button, which can be used in 2 ways:

  • While idle, the button can be used as a shortcut to the BT Call Blocking Settings
  • While in a phone call, you can use the button to instantly block the caller, just in case you answer to someone you don't want to speak to.

BT 4600 Cordless Telephone Design

The BT 4600 has a nice large 1.8" Dot Matrix display, making it easy to see the screen and dial or add entries into your phone. You can add up to 200 names and numbers which get shared between all the handsets if you have more than one. The keypad uses big buttons that work as if they were new even after the 1000th press. The sound is clearer in the BT 4600, the handsets even have an Inductive Coupler for hearing aid users, all you need to do is set teh hearing aid to the correct setting and you wont need to remove it during conversations. There is also an amplify button if you are hard of hearing but not a hearing aid user. The Bt 4600 has outgoing call controls, so you can PIN protect specific types of calls or even all calls, for that extra security with children in the home, or elderly who rack up bills unknowingly.

BT 4600 Cordless Phone Quick Features

  • Record phone calls
  • Inductive coupler and Amplify button for the hard of hearing
  • Auto copy contacts between handsets
  • 1.8 Dot-Matrix Screen
  • Handsfree / Speakerphone
  • 60 Minute Answering Machine
  • Access answering machine via the handsets
  • Easy guided set up
  • Outgoing call controls (PIN protect calls to premium / mobile numbers)
  • Long range reception up to 300m outdoors, 50m indoors
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Up to 13 hours of talking and 160 hours on standby
  • See who's left you messages
  • Easy access to 3 way calling or call divert (more than one handset)
  • See and hear if you have a second call waiting

BT 4600 Trio Big Button Digital Cordless Telephone Spec

Phone Lines: 1

Type: Answering Machine

EAN: 5016351617960

Number of Handsets: 3

Model: BT 4600 Trtio

MPN: 84668

Features: Speakerphone

Colour: Silver

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