LeapFrog LF920HD Video Baby Monitor 7'' HD Wide-Angle Dispay Colour Night Vision (Renewed)

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Product Condition

Renewed to an 'As New' condition, fully tested and restored to factory settings by our in-house technicians. All renewed products come with a one year warranty from GreenBox Shop.

Product Description

  • 7inch 720p HD colour IPS display
  • Adaptive Night light with one touch control
  • Wide-angle viewing up to 110 degrees
  • Two-way, talk-back intercom
  • Soothing sounds and lullabies
  • Temperature and Humidity sensor (Comfort Indication)
  • Up to 1,000 feet of range
  • 5000mAh rechargeable battery in parent unit
  • Lullabies and natural sounds soothing

The Leapfrog LF920HD Video Baby Monitor allows you to check in on your little one on the industry's largest 7" parent unit in 720p High Definition. View rooms from top to bottom with the 80-degree vertical tilt angle and from side to side with the 360-degree horizontal pan capability. Magnify details up to eight times their original size with the crisp digital zoom range and monitor room temperature and humidity levels directly from the Parent Unit Display. Play soothing sounds and calming melodies to help gently lull your baby to sleep. With the adaptive night light built-in the camera unit, you won’t need to turn on harsh lights that disturb your baby’s sleep. You can control the night light remotely from the parent unit or directly on the baby unit with a tap. Great for soft lighting during bedtime stories or providing just enough light to help keep little ones calmer in the dark. Plus, see your baby as clear as day, even in ultralow light, thanks to the automatic infrared Color Night Vision.

7" High definition 720p monitor

Admire a detailed view of your precious little ones gracefully displayed with premier color, clarity and viewing angles.

Color night vision

Advanced night vision technology allows you to clearly see your baby in ultra-low-light and in full color.

360 Degrees pan and tilt

Having full control over how you view your baby using the pan and tilt features of the monitor.

Adaptive, dimmable night light

The built-in night light adjusts to the brightness of the room and is dimmable by one-touch, or by the parent unit.

Temperature and humidity sensor

When the room is outside a comfortable range, the readings on parent unit alert you with changed colors.

Motion and sound alerts

You can adjust alerts for noise and motion detected, ensuring you're only alerted when you deem necessary.

Long-lasting rechargeable battery

Our built-in, 5000mAh battery powers up to 15 hours of video streaming and lasts 22 hours in audio-only mode.

Soothing sounds and lullabies

Engage and comfort your baby from a distance with any of the five lullabies and five soothing sounds.

Up to 1,000 feet of range

Easily hear, see, and communicate with your baby from another room without fear of lost connection.

2x, 4x and 8x Zoom

Hear your baby cooing? Magnify details up to eight times their original size with the crisp digital zoom range.

Two-way, talk-back intercom

Comfort your baby from any room so you both can feel reassured even when you are not close.

110 Degrees wide angle lens

The built-in, wide-angle lens removes the need to interchange lenses for varying views.

Secure transmission

Be rest assured about your privacy with this baby monitor and camera as they are paired and ready to transmit video and audio in a secure, encrypted signal over 2.4 Ghz channel without connecting to any WiFi service.


Place the camera on the desktop or wall-mount it to get the best possible view of your baby in the room.

Product Spec

Type: Video Baby Monitor

EAN: 4897027124699


Features: Temperature Sensor, 360 Pan Tilt Zoom, Adaptive Night Light, Humitidy Sensor, Up to 15 Streaming Hrs, Range Up to 1000 ft, Secure Transmission

Display: Digital

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