Samsung 160W Party Speaker Sound Tower Bass Boost Bluetooth Black MX-ST40B/XU (New / Open Box)



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Product Condition

This item is new and unused, however the box has been opened to check contents though the unit has never been used. Comes with a one year warranty from GreenBox Shop.

Product Description

  • Boost your party with powerful 160W sound
  • Experience a wider soundstage that fills your party.
  • Add further bass to your party anthems
  • IPX5 water resistance so nothing can dampen the party
  • Portable speaker with up to 12 hours built-in battery life

Have a blast wherever you go!

Enhance your party and boost the vibe with bi-directional high power sound.

Top 4 Features

  • Bi-directional Sound

Experience a wider soundstage

  • High Power 160 Watts

Boost your party with 160W sound

  • Built-in Battery

Take the music anywhere you go

  • Water-resistant (IPX5)

Built to resist low pressure water stream

Experience a wider soundstage that fills your party

Bi-directional Sound

Disperse the sound and experience a wider soundstage. Never be on the wrong side of the dancefloor and enjoy the music from whichever side you are on with bi-directional and room-filling sound.

Boost your party with powerful sound

High Power 160 Watts

The ST40 has a crowd-pleasing 160W of power which will bring the life to any party through loud and crisp sound quality.

Take the party anywhere with up to 12 hours battery

Portable and rechargeable battery

Portable party audio with up to 12 hours battery life, so you can take the party outside, to the park or even to your friends. Don't be restricted by a power supply and party wherever you want it. LED battery indicator means you always know how much life you have left in the party.

Never let the weather dampen the party

Water Resistance (IPX5)

Better to be safe than sorry with IPX5. We have hooked you up with IPX5 water resistance so nothing can dampen the party. We wouldn't want the party to have to end early!

Change the colour to suit you

Full LED Party Lights

Featuring full LED disco lights that can change colour to suit you. The multi-coloured lighting is tuned to your click or the beat of the music. Set the atmosphere with customisable lights, patterns and colours.

When one isn’t enough

Group Play

Double up, triple up or more with up to 10 speakers. Connect your multiple Party Audio speakers together wirelessly through the ease of Bluetooth.

* Connect up to 10 Samsung Sound Towers (compatible wireless/wired between the MX-ST and the MX-T models)

Wireless sound for a seamless music experience

Bluetooth Multi Connection

Wirelessly Bluetooth connect up to 2 devices simultaneously so you can switch from one device to the other with a touch. No need to disconnect your phone in order to play your friends playlist and no awkward silence, just one quick switch.

Control your speaker and more via the Samsung Sound Tower App

Sound Tower App

Control your speaker volume, lights and more via the Samsung Sound Tower App*.

*Compatible with iOS & Android devices.

Plug in and play your music instantly

1 USB input

Plug your mobile device into the speaker via USB and pump up the mood. Use the USB port to simultaneously charge your phone whilst controlling the music, to ensure neither it nor the party dies.

Bluetooth® TV Connection

Connect the Sound Tower to your TV via Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music without cables in your way.

* Please check whether your TV is Bluetooth® compatible.

Product Spec

EAN: 8806094328301

Colour: Black

Type: Party Speaker

Number of Channels: 2.0

Output Power: AC mode:160W Battery mode:80W


Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, USB, Audio Input 3.5mm

Battery Life: Up to 12 hours

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