Samsung 49 Inch Odyssey G9 Curved QLED Dual-QHD 32:9 Gaming Monitor Black White (New)



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Product Condition

This item is brand new. Comes with a one year warranty from GreenBox Shop.

Product Description

Samsungs 49 inch Odyssey G9 gaming monitor is designed for gaming and more. The 49 inch 32:9 ultrawide curve monitor keeps games alive even when you need to pause the game. Open multiple windows at once and game, watch and chat at the same time.

Captivating curves! Samsungs first 1000R ultrawide curved monitor wraps even more tightly around you for the most immersive and realistic viewing experience. .

Breath-taking game visuals with Samsungs QLED technology. G9 QLED HDR monitors brings brighter and more realistic shades and hues for vivid game visuals.

The ultimate gaming monitor! This Samsung Odessey G9 gaming monitor has a 5120*1440p resolution screen and the blazing fast 1ms response time. 240Hz monitor refresh rate eliminates any input lag for exhilarating game play with ultra-smooth action.

Samsungs G9 computer PC monitor is both G-sync and Freesync Premium Pro compatible, keeping the GPU and panel synced up to eliminate choppiness, screen-lag and image tears.

Product Spec

Screen Size:49 in

EC Range:A+++ - D

Brightness:1000 cd/m?

Response Time:1 ms

Refresh Rate:240 Hz

Video Inputs:USB-C


Most Suitable For:Serious Gaming

Aspect Ratio:32:9

Display Type:QLED

Maximum Resolution:5120 x 1440

Contrast Ratio:2500:1

Model:Samsung Odyssey G9

Features:Curved Screen

Energy Efficiency Rating:C

Product Line:Ultrawide

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