Samsung 9.1.4Ch Soundbar With Subwoofer Rear Speakers Alexa Built-In HW-Q930B/XU (New / Open Box)



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Product Condition

This item is new and unused, however the box has been opened to check contents though the unit has never been used. Comes with a one year warranty from GreenBox Shop.

Product Description

  • Surround sound like never before with 9.1.4ch Sound
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for immersive surround sound
  • Wireless Dolby Atmos Surround Sound
  • Samsung Q-Symphony directional sound from your Soundbar and TV
  • Rear Speakers Included for cinematic experience

Places you in the heart of the action for the ultimate immersive 3D sound experience

3D Object Based Sound with Wireless Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

Hear the precise location of a helicopter landing or feel the sound of rain falling from above and surrounding you. The Q930B combines Dolby Atmos and DTS:X with our highly awarded market leading technology to take your audio visual experience to a breath-taking new level of realism.

Encapsulate yourself in the action with 9.1.4ch sound

9.1.4ch Sound

Encapsulate yourself in the action with 9.1.4ch sound. The Q930B delivers truly immersive surround sound from multiple speakers acoustically designed and tuned by Samsung Audio Lab. With an incredible bass boosting wireless subwoofer included, and the combination of 17 speakers strengthening the sound from all angles, you’ll be sure to experience audio that encapsulates you with pure, precise and detailed sound.

The harmonious collaboration of directional sound from both your soundbar and Samsung TV


Like the sound of a symphony orchestra, this Q-Series soundbar can harmoniously collaborate in synergy with you Samsung TV* to enhance your audio visual experience by playing sound simultaneously from your Samsung TV and Soundbar together.

Sound tuned perfectly for your space

SpaceFit Sound

A built-in microphone in the subwoofer and the soundbar ensures sound settings are automatically optimised and calibrated to match the acoustics of your room. The equalisation of the soundbar and subwoofer changes based on measuring how the sound reflects off the shape and furnishings in your room everytime you use the soundbar.

Rear Speakers Included

Get the cinema experience in your home with new and improved wireless rear speakers included in the box. With the Q930B's home cinema rear speakers you can enjoy the most realistic, multi-dimensional sound experience. Physical rear speakers in the box with 2 up-firing speakers immerse you in a cinematic sound experience from the comfort of your home. Added wireless capabilities provide more flexibility without the need for trailing cables in your living room to your TV.

Alexa Built In

Easily control your smart soundbar and other compatible devices using Amazon Alexa voice control which is integrated into this Q930B soundbar. You can play music, check weather and get questions answered completely hands-free. So sit back on the sofa and let Alexa skip the track or crank up the volume.

Adaptive Sound

Adaptive Sound ensures the content you are watching will always sound its best with each scene optimised by AI Sound. Watching sport, you'll feel as if you're in the stadium, or a movie, you hear the action closing in from all directions. Whether the director’s intent is to make you feel like part of the crowd or if you are required to feel like you are centre stage.

Tap Sound

Transfer your music with one simple tap. Just tap your smartphone anywhere on the Soundbar to hear the rich sound mirrored, without any need for manual pairing straight to your soundbar.

Game Mode Pro

Immerse yourself in an audio sphere that makes you feel a part of the game with a dedicated setting that optimises audio specifically for gaming. Feel the roar of a sports car on the open road or ensure you never miss the small details such as another player creeping up from behind. It’s configured automatically to support you be the best player you can be so you can claim more glorious victories.

One Remote Control

Declutter your coffee table with just one universal remote to control them all. A completely connected experience at the press of a button to control multiple connected devices. Samsung's Smart One Remote Control has the ability to control more than just your soundbar and can connect to multiple compatible devices from TV to set-top box.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth TV Connection

Connect this wireless soundbar to your TV with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for a cleaner solution with added flexibility. This allows the soundbar to be positioned anywhere without the trailing cables to the TV. Play music straight from your favourite music apps or get additional functionality by using the SmartThings app to integrate sound automation in your smart home.

Product Spec

Surround Sound Formats: 9.1.4 Channel

Type: Soundbar

MPN: ccc

EAN: 8806094278088

System Configuration: 9.1.4 Channel

Subwoofer Type: Wireless

RMS Power: 540 W

Number of Speakers: 17

Connectivity: HDMI, HDMI eARC, HDMI CEC, Wi-Fi,Bluetooth, Optical In, One Control

Colour: Black

Playable Media Format: WAV, MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF

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