Samsung Electric Built-In Induction Hob 4 Zone Touch Control 60cm NZ64B4015KK/U1 (New)

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Product Condition

This item is new and unused. Comes with a one year warranty from GreenBox Shop.

Product Description

  • Wi-Fi Controlled
  • Ceramic Surface
  • Touch Control

Streamline the cooking experience with the Samsung NZ64B4015KK/U1 induction hob. Compatible with the SmartThings app, this induction hob lets you control and monitor your cooking entirely remotely, so you can cook with total peace of mind. You can even connect this hob to a compatible Samsung chimney hood through Bluetooth, to control both through one set of buttons!

The Slimfit design of this hob makes it a non-intrusive addition to your kitchen. With a total height of only 48 millimetres, it won’t take up an excess of space. So you can make full use of the storage space beneath the unit. It also makes the unit much easier to install. In just moments you can start cooking all of your favourite meals with total ease!

Simple Cooking For The Modern Home

The Samsung NZ64B4015KK/U1 induction hob is fully compatible with the SmartThings app. Once connected, you can use SmartThings to monitor and control all of the different zones of the hob from anywhere in the world. No longer do you have to worry about accidentally leaving the hob on while away from home. Just check the app and control it from there. The Safety Shutoff feature will also deactivate the hob if left inactive for too long!

Make the most of your kitchen storage with the Slimfit design of the hob. This hob will take up no space in your kitchen countertop, thanks to its total height of only 48 millimetres. It’s also incredibly easy to install, so you won’t have to spend tons of cash or wait too long to start whipping up your favourite meals!

The inclusion of an oval ring allows you to easily cook using even the most unconventional of pots and pans. The oval ring provides even heat to all kinds of oval pans, so you won’t have to worry about undercooked food! There’s also a wealth of sizes across all of the other zones, to perfectly suit any type of pan!

Cook with total peace of mind thanks to the NZ64B4015KK/U1’s amazing SmartThings compatibility. Monitor the hob as you cook, or check to see if you’ve accidentally left it on, from anywhere in the world. The SmartThings Cooking platform also provides you with plenty of recipes to take full advantage of this hob’s amazing capabilities. It will even help you to find all of the ingredients you need to create amazing meals. Turn your kitchen into a true culinary haven with this amazingly handy hob!

This hob offers plenty of cooking space, with plenty of wide cooking zones, and even an oval zone, for some of your less conventional dishes and pans. Despite its generous cooking surface, the hob itself is incredibly thin with only a 48-millimetre total height. It takes up no space in your kitchen, so you can still make the most of all of your storage!

  • Slimfit Design: This hob features a total height of only 48 millimetres, to take up next to no space in your kitchen!
  • SmartThings Compatibility: Control everything remotely via the SmartThings app, wherever you are!
  • SmartThings Cooking: The SmartThings Cooking platform keeps you inspired with perfect recipes and meal plans to make the most of the hob!
  • Safety Shutoff: No more worrying about leaving the hob on. If any zones are left inactive for too long, they will shut off automatically.
  • Connect To A Samsung Chimney Hood: Connect to a compatible Samsung chimney hood for seamless control of both!
  • Oval Ring: The included oval ring is perfectly sized to handle even your most unconventional dishes.
  • Wide Cooking Zones: There’s always plenty of space for pots and pans of every size.
  • Auto-Pan-Detection: The hob can identify the size and shape of specific pans, to recommend specific cooking zones for optimal cooking.

Product Spec

Installation: Built-In

Control Design: Touch

Material: Ceramic

Model Number: NZ64B4015KK/U1

Colour: Black

Number of Hobs: 4

Surface: Induction Surface

Fuel Type: Electric

Type: Induction Hob

EAN: 8806094320725

Features: Child Safety Lock, Slimfit Design, SmartThings Compatibility, Safety Shutoff, Oval Ring, Wide Cooking Zones, Auto-Pan-Detection

Finish: Glass

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