Samsung Jet 65 Pet 150W Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Pet Tool VS15A60AGR5/EU (New)

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Product Condition

This item is new and unused. Comes with a one year warranty from GreenBox Shop.

Product Description

  • 150W Suction Power: Power your way through the toughest of jobs
  • 40 min run time: 40 minutes of continuous cleaning on a single charge
  • Pet Tool: Effectively picks up pet hairs that are thin and easy to miss

Extremely powerful, thorough cleaning

More Advanced Cleaning Performance

Clean various types of floor powerfully yet effortlessly with a powerful but lightweight vacuum cleaner. The Digital Inverter Motor generates suction power of up to 150W. The aerodynamic design of the air system optimises the air flow, while multi-cyclonic air filtration efficiently traps fine dust particles.

Strong suction power, greater mobility

Digital Inverter Motor

Pick up everything from spilt cereal to stubborn pet hair in seconds, thanks to a powerful Digital Inverter Motor. Thanks to this optimal structure, the Digital Inverter Motor delivers a strong input power of up to 410W, maintains a high level of energy efficiency and generates a suction power up to 150W.

A whirlwind clean

Jet Cyclone

Say goodbye to unreachable dust with the extreme suction power of Samsung's Jet Cyclone. With an optimal air path reducing air resistance around the dustbin with 9 separate cyclones and 27 air inlets minimising the loss of suction, you can now breathe easy, knowing your vaccum will deliver consistent performance in any room.

99.999% Multi-layered Filtration System

Release clean air with a 99.999% Multi-layered Filtration System that traps 99.999% of dust. A main cyclone separates large dust particles picked up in the metal mesh grille filter. The Jet Cyclone and micro filter then catch fine dust while a fine dust filter traps micro dust that can easily escape.

Lightweight Design

Lightweight design for effortless cleaning means you can clean your home with ease. At just 1.48kg, it's light and easy to handle. With maximum flexibility and strength built in, the lightweight design Samsung vacuum lets you clean all around your home effortlessly.

Removable and Longer-lasting Battery

Clean up to 40 minutes on a single battery for long cleaning times without recharging. Our high-capacity battery maintains consistent power and can be easily replaced with a spare battery to clean for up to 80 minutes Retaining 70% of its original performance for up to 500 cycles.

Easy to empty & fully washable dustbin

Washable Dustbin

Keep the dustbin clean and empty your vacuum cleaner with ease. The 0.8L dustbin, including the multi-cyclone system, is fully washable, so it can be kept clean and fresh. The dustbin can also be removed easily without detaching the pipe from the handheld body.

Choose your ideal place to charge

2-in-1 Charging Station

Store and charge your vacuum cleaner flexibly with the 2-in-1 Charging Station. It can be easily adjusted to suit any kind of home. If you want to save space it can be mounted on the wall. Or, if you prefer, you can use it as a stand-alone charger and place it wherever it suits in your home. So you can simply remove the battery and charge it anywhere you like.

Powerfully cleans dusts on the carpet

Jet Fit Brush

Pick up even fine dust particles in carpets as well as on hard floors with the Jet Fit Brush. With its 180 degree swivel head, you can easily change direction and clean everywhere from corner to corner. And you can conveniently and easily detach the brush with just one click of a button, allowing you to quickly remove dirt or trapped particles from the brush, so that it can be hygienically maintained.

Effective on pet hair

Pet Tool

Take the hassle out of removing unsightly pet hair. The compact and easy to maneuver Pet Tool's brush is

optimised for picking up pet hairs that are thin and easy to miss by combining a rubber nozzle and bristles.

Clean awkward areas

Long Reach Crevice Tool

Reach into deep crevices or small places, like the back of a sofa, and pick up dust and dirt effectively using the Long Reach Crevice Tool. You can even extend its length up to 43cm to get into awkward spots.

Easily clean furniture

Combination Tool (Dusting and upholstery tool)

Clean various types of furniture effectively. The Combination Tool has an upholstery tool to pick up dirt and also converts to a brush tool for dusting, so it is ideal for a wide variety of surfaces.

Product Spec

Features: Digital Inverter Motor, 2-in-1 Charger (Wall mount), Washable Dust Bin, Multi Cyclone, Detachable Battery, Lightweight

Cord Type: Cordless

Capacity: 0.8 L

Colour: Silver

Power: 150 W

Filters: Fine Dust Filter, Pre-Motor Filter

Voltage: 21.6 V


Bagged/Bagless: Bagless

Type: Stick

Runtime: Up to 40 min (Stated run time applies to the minimum power level with a nonmotorized tool attached.)

Charge Time 3.5 hrs

EAN: 8806095112190

Included Accessories: Jet Fit Brush, Combination Tool, Extension Crevice Tool, Pet Tool

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