Samsung Microwave Oven Easy View 900W 28L Slim Fry Silver MC28M6075CS/EU (New)

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Product Condition

This item is new and unused. Comes with a one year warranty from GreenBox Shop.

Product Description

The new faster way to oven cook

HotBlast Technology

Reduce your cooking times significantly thanks to our new HotBlast Technology. Powerful hot air is blown through multiple air-holes directly onto the food, so its cooked evenly with a crispy outside, but juicy inside.

Better monitor the cooking of your food

Easy View glass door

Monitor the cooking progress at a glance through the Easy View door. With a more transparent door than our standard microwaves, you have a better view of your food, so you can ensure it doesn't burn or overflow.

Easy clean interior


Cleaning your microwave oven is no longer a hassle thanks to an antibacterial Ceramic Enamel Interior. The exceptionally smooth surface makes light work of cleaning and is highly rust and scratch resistant, so it won't discolour over time. Longer life for your microwave oven, easier life for you.

Perfectly cooked dishes

Smart Moisture Sensor

With the push of a button the Smart Moisture Sensor determines the interior air humidity, so the cooking mode and time can be automatically adjusted to ensure meals are always cooked perfectly.

Enjoy healthier fried food


Avoid greasy pans and hot oil splashes and enjoy the fried food you love the healthy way. Our SLIM FRY technology circulates hot air infused with a small amount of oil, so you can enjoy delicious dishes like crispy fried prawns using only one tablespoon of oil.

Saves on standby

ECO Mode

ECO Mode significantly reduces energy consumption with the industry's lowest standby power. When you're not cooking, the power used to maintain essential functions is minimal, saving you money on electricity bills.

Delicious, crispy and crunchy food

The Crisping Plate ensures your food is thoroughly cooked through its Teflon material. Evenly cooking the top and bottom of frozen or leftover foods like pizza and chicken nuggets, it provides that crisp finish. It also provides great frying results without the need to use any oil.

Product Spec

Features: Button Controls, Ceramic Interior, Clock, Dial Control, Grill

Material: Stainless Steel

Number of Settings/Programs: 6

Voltage: 230 V

Cavity material: Ceramic with easy-clean enamel lining

EAN: 8806088685960

Colour: Silver

Type: Countertop

Power: 900 W

Capacity: 28 L

Power Source: Electric


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