Samsung Spray Spinning Sweeper Brush For Bespoke Vacuum Cleaner VCA-WBA95/GL (Renewed)



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Product Condition

Renewed to an 'As New' condition, fully tested and restored to factory settings by our in-house technicians. All renewed products come with a one year warranty from GreenBox Shop.

Product Description

This unit comes with:

  • Wet Brush
  • 2 X Multi Use Wet Pads
  • 2 X Attachable Pads
  • 1 X Water tank

Compatible with all Bespoke Jet Products:

  • VS20A95823W/EU Bespoke Jet Pet
  • VS20A95843W/EU Bespoke Jet Complete
  • VS20A95943N/EU Bespoke Jet Complete Extra
  • VS20A95973B/EU Bespoke Jet Pro Extra

Mop hard floors with dual wet pads

Spray Spinning Sweeper

Clean hard floors easily with a Spray Spinning Sweeper. Dual pads spin at 260rpm for 100 minutes* and are larger and heavier**. You can manually spray more water with an easy to maintain 150ml water tank. And reusable anti-bacterial micro fiber pads*** or disposable wet cloths clean hygienically.

* The stated run time applies to “Wet” mode when the Spray Spinning Sweeper is attached.** Based on a comparison of the BESPOKE Jet model with a conventional Spinning Sweeper: Brush weight = 1.4kg (with a full water tank) vs. 1.02kg. Pad size = 170π vs. 150π.*** Based on testing by the Korea Analysis Test Researcher, in accordance with the reference standard AATCC-100. Deactivates 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli bacteria. This function in not supported in the USA and Canada and the results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions.

Product Spec

EAN: 8806092807310


Item: BESPOKE Jet (VS20A95****) Spray spinning sweeper

Colour: Black

Pcs/Pack: 1 EA

Dimension (WxHxD): 325x360x78 mm

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