BT Home Phones

BT have a long tradition in making the best cordless phones for home landline use.

With ranges of cordless phones, powered by the DECT standard and with a host of features designed to make using your phone in the comfort of your own home as stress free and easy as possible.

Home Phones

Landline Cordless Phones require connection to a power supply and rechargeable batteries.
Utilising the latest in DECT technology BT’s home phones will make calling from home easy. Often more relaxed than using a mobile phone. They will generally have a range of 50 metres indoors, though the 2.4Ghz signal can be compromised by thick walls.

Nuisance Calls

With varying levels of nuisance call blocking, free yourself from unwanted calls with TruCall and programmable rules to stop those annoying phone calls.

Call Transfer

Twin, triple or multi handset telephone systems allow one to take calls in any room and transfer from handset to handset. You can even intercom call between handsets.


Incredibly useful when you are doing something else or just waiting on hold for ages – a fully duplex handset speakerphone is a great feature that is on most BT phones.

Do Not Disturb

Another useful feature on some BT Phones is “DND” – allowing one to set the phone not to ring. Many telephones will also allow a VIP list to get through – friends/ family.


Many models are built specifically for people with issues of hearing, dexterity, vision and any other impairments that could make using a telephone more difficult.

Answer Phone

Missed calls? Get your self an answerphone. Many, indeed most, BT Cordless phones have an integral digital answer machine to take your messages when you are out.

Screen Type

It is down to a matter of preference – some prefer the almost retro look of a clean monochromatic LCD screen whilst for some vibrant colour screens are desirable.


A home phone is a part of your furniture ( to some extent ) and as such its appearance may be of importance – so BT takes designer phones seriously.