Removing the Battery Cover Problems on Some BT Phones
Nearly all cordless phones are powered by Ni-Mh (Nickel Metal Hydride) removable batteries; the majority of these are the standard AA or AAA models with varying mAh power dependent on the model.

What is there to know about batteries for cordless phones?

  • They should ideally be replaced every year or two in order for optimum performance
  • Best not to leave them on charge 24/7 as this can deteriorate the cells
  • They are easily replaced
  • In general they work all day with an overnight charge and can be left off the cradle for days on end
  • You must only use rechargeable batteries - regular ones could pose a fire risk
  • Batteries that are finished with must be disposed of properly
Cordless phone batteries deliver power to the handset so that the handset can maintain its connection with the base and, of course, power the screen and sound.

Why are we talking about phone batteries?

Anyway - what brought us to discuss the fascinating subject of batteries? Well, to tell the truth it is because our customer services helpline has, of late, been deluged with calls about how to get the battery cover off the back of certain recent models. The battery cover, usually slips or peels off quite simply but we have had calls from people close to tears not being able to remove the battery cover in order to get their new telephones working.

The Models in question

These models are the ones which people find it difficult or near impossible to remove the battery cover on their telephone :
  • BT 8600
  • BT 8610
  • BT 6610
  • BT 6600
  • BT 3950
  • BT 3940
  • BT 2700
  • BT 2200

So What's the answer?

Instead of attempting to slip or slide the battery cover off the phone as one is accustomed to on needs to follow the advice in the image and video below which should help you if you are having issues in removing the backplate/ battery cover.


Or use a thin metal object to prevent hurting your fingers

Removing the Battery Cover Problems on Some BT Phones